The Continuous Line 
exquisite corpse drawing project
is now on view!
The Pottery Lab's 
on the Hill
Sunday, September 18 from  12-5
we realized a series of "continuous" prints that speak collectively as well as individually through drawing, technology and printmaking.  
 the first artist created a drawing (analog or digital) in 8 1/2 x 11 format; 
the next artist received a small strip of one edge of the first artist drawing to respond to; 
the next artist received a small strip of one edge of the second artist drawing to respond to... 
creating a long scroll of continuous drawings 
that read as one community
This endeavor celebrates community arts education as part of Studio Arts Boulder's capital expansion project -breaking ground any day now!  Imagine an inspirational, state-of-the-art, custom-built facility where studio art education is accessible to everyone!
to be located at the northeast gateway in Boulder Colorado.   

CLPC also aims to represent artists and printmakers as a collective, offering opportunities to participate in sale events, teach (or take) workshops, dialogue about innovative/best practices in printmaking, as well as engagement in community promotion of individual and collaborative works.  
For more information on participating in The Continuous Line and/or exhibition news, please contact us using the form below.
Please help us raise enough money to put on the best show possible... we are half way there!  
Much gratitude to those who have donated ❤️

DETAIL DRAWINGS from: Kate B. Makrell, Catherine Johnson & Jennifer Lord

Thank you!
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